About Us

We’re the Kids of Readalot and we like to reada lot!

We started this blog so that we could review the books we read and then recommend them to other children, and their parents too. We think reading is one of the best things to do – our mum is always finding us reading in different places around the house – and we would love to get other children interested in reading.

We are brothers and we live in the north of England, in Yorkshire. People say we speak with funny accents but we think it’s them that sound funny, not us!

Casper is 13. He’s the oldest (and the boss!) and loves to read fantasy stories. He’s a big fan of the Harry Potter series and is currently working his way through the How To Train Your Dragon series. He also likes reading about children in Victorian times and his favourite Victorian stories are Street Child and the Hetty Feather series.

Alex is 11 and is a demon speed-reader! He doesn’t really have a favourite genre, if a book sounds good he’ll read it! His current favourite authors are Maz Evans and Vashti Hardy. Alex also likes reading non-fiction magazines and books and he never runs faster than when the postman is delivering his new copy of the Amazing magazine!

Toby is 10 and likes to read on his own but he loves to be read to more. He enjoys curling up on Mum’s knee (although that’s getting tricky now he’s growing so big!) and listening to her read a chapter or two of a story. Toby loves stories about animals, especially stories about his absolutely all time favourite animal – the pig! He’s also a fan of Dav Pilkey and can often be found re-reading his copies of Captain Underpants and Dogman.


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  1. Brilliant! Keep on reading. I look forward to more of your reiviews. I am writing a book for 9-12 year olds so I am really interested to see what you think about books for your age group.

    1. Thank you for visiting our blog, Janet! We’d love to know when your book is published so we can look out for it. – Casper