An Author Most Lovely – We Met Robin Stevens!

Our Day Out

Yesterday, Saturday 17th March, Mum took us to Durham to meet Robin Stevens, author of the Murder Most Unladylike series.

We had to get up really early (well, early for a Saturday, anyway!) to get to the train station. We were a bit worried that we wouldn’t make it to Durham because the weather forecast said we would be having really heavy snow in the night. Luckily, when we woke up, the snow wasn’t that bad.

When we got to the station, we found out that our train was going to be delayed for quite a while. We started worrying that we weren’t going to get there but then Mum said not to panic because we could sort it out. We went to speak to someone and they arranged for us to be able to get on another train. We still had a bit of time to wait for the new train so we both sat down and read our current books in the Murder Most Unladylike series to pass some time…and to forget about how cold it was!

Once we got on the train and we were warm again, we got our books back out and started reading again. This series is so good that we’ve both been reading our books as much as we can!

We finally made it to Durham and we made our way to Waterstones Durham. We got in the signing queue to wait for Robin’s signing to start and we had a bit of time to read some more…

And then it was our turn to meet ROBIN STEVENS!

We were a bit nervous as we got to the front of the queue but Robin was really nice and it helped us feel better. We spoke to her about the Murder Most Unladylike series while she signed our books. We also spoke to her about all books being for everyone, not some books for girls and some books for boys. Sometimes the things other kids say makes us feel bad for reading the books we like but anyone can read any books they want to!

After the signing, we just had enough time to go for lunch before we went back to the train station and set off to get back home. There were more problems with the trains on the way home so we had more time to read which was good! It was really snowing by the time we got off the train, luckily Dad and Toby were waiting at the station to drive us home.

We had a great day and we’re really glad we went.

Thank you to Robin Stevens for signing our books, thank you to Waterstones Durham for organising the signing and thank you to our mum for taking us there.

PS. We are soooo lucky that the signing wasn’t today! When we woke up this morning, we saw that everywhere is covered in snow! Mum says we made it back just in time! We’re going to stay at home today while drinking hot chocolate and reading our books.

Signed Book Giveaway

Win a signed copy of Murder Most Unladylike, a Murder Most Unladylike series bookmark and pin badge! Just leave us a comment to tell us about a time when you’ve met one of your favourite authors. We’ll pick a winner on 29th March. Mum says we can only post it to a winner in the UK. You can also have an extra chance to win by looking at our pinned tweet on Twitter.

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  1. What a fantastic adventure! So glad you made it to Durham and met Robin Stevens!
    Great pics of you reading on the train,

  2. I have met Cathy Cassidy at a book festival where I watched her talk about her books and how she write them. Then, I had to wait in queue for over an hour and i read one of my Cathy Cassidy books while I was in the queue. She was really nice and signed ALl of the books I brought with me and even gave me chocolate and also had my picture taken with her.
    I would love to meet Robin Stevens too your day sounds cool. Thanks for the giveaway chance