Blog Tour – Spyder

Blog Tour - Spyder

Blog Tour – SpyderSpyder by Matt Carr
Illustrator: Matt Carr
Published by Scholastic on 1st February 2018
Genres: Children's, Picture Book
Pages: 32
Format: Paperback
Source: Scholastic sent it
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Introducing... Spyder - code name 0008 (legs). It's not easy being a super special secret agent when you're only as big as a pin badge. But when a birthday cake is under threat, SPYDER is called upon. It's time to pack the spy-kit with binoculars, a top-secret laser pen and... a banana. Will Spyder save the day, AND the party? Matt Carr, author-illustrator of the internationally acclaimed SUPERBAT, has created a new picture book masterpiece that will have readers both big and little chuckling with laughter - mission accomplished!

Reviewed by Toby

This book was really good. I loved reading about Spyder and how she went on a secret mission to save a birthday cake that was in danger of being infected with bluebottle germs! I think Spyder was really brave because even though she was tiny she wasn’t afraid to go help others who needed her.

There were funny little things in the drawings which made me laugh. Spyder was reading Charlotte’s Web in one of the pictures. I haven’t read that book but Mum and Alex have so I told them about it when I saw it. And Spyder’s spy boss is called Miss Money Spider, like Miss Moneypenny from James Bond. So funny.

The thing that made me laugh the most was what Spyder had in her spy kit. She had a banana and a flask of tea!

The pictures in this book were so good and I think Matt Carr is a brilliant author and a brilliant illustrator. I like drawing but I’m not as good at it as Matt Carr is.

I think you should definitely read this book!


I don’t normally like spiders but I loved Spyder 008!




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