Blog Tour – The Night I Met Father Christmas

Blog Tour - The Night I Met Father Christmas

Blog Tour – The Night I Met Father ChristmasThe Night I Met Father Christmas by Ben Miller
Illustrator: Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini
Published by Simon & Schuster on 1st November 2018
Genres: Children's
Pages: 272
Format: Uncorrected Proof
Source: Simon & Schuster sent it
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Jackson knows all about the flying reindeer, he knows about the elves and the secret North Pole workshop, he knows about the magic that allows Father Christmas to deliver presents around the world in just one night, but there's one thing he doesn't know ... how did Father Christmas become Father Christmas?

That all changes when, one Christmas Eve, Jackson meets Father Christmas and hears his incredible story.

So begins an enchanting fairy-tale into a magical snowy landscape, where Torvil, a mean-spirited and miserly elf, is about to discover the true meaning of Christmas. This might not have been the story Jackson was expecting but, as Father Christmas tells him, no good story ever is...

Get ready for a Christmas classic in the making from actor and comedian Ben Miller with beautiful illustrations throughout from emerging talent Daniela Jaglenka Terrazzini, that will remind everyone of the true spirit of Christmas and prove once and for all that Father Christmas really does exist!

Reviewed by Alex

I really liked reading The Night I Met Father Christmas because it made me feel really Christmassy and now I can’t wait for Christmas and eating some mince pies and Brussels sprouts!

My favourite character in the story was Rudolph because he was so funny!  My mum said Ben Miller is a comedian from TV and I can definitely tell that he knows how to be funny!

I can’t really think of a favourite part in this story because I liked all of it and I didn’t want the story to end. I would definitely give this book 5 stars because it was so good and I enjoyed it a lot.

I would recommend The Night I Met Father Christmas to anyone who likes reading Christmas stories. It will definitely make you feel like you want it to be Christmas NOW!


Alex’s Q&A with Ben Miller

Alex: What was your favourite present from Father Christmas as a child? 

Ben: A sledge! I was very lucky because it snowed the next day. Magical!

Alex: What’s your favourite thing about Christmas? 

Ben: Christmas Fairs! Especially German Christmas fairs. They do them really well.

Alex: Do you like Christmas cake? I don’t!

Ben: I love it. In fact I like it just as much as Christmas Pudding. Strange that it’s the same as wedding cake, I’ve never understood why.

Alex: Do you like reading books the most, or writing them? 

Ben: I love both! I think you have to read a lot to be able to write.

Alex: Do you like Brussels sprouts? I love them but they make me smelly! 

Ben: I used to hate them when I was a child, but now I absolutely adore them!


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