Just Jack

Just JackJust Jack by Kate Scott
Illustrator: Alexandra Gunn
Published by Piccadilly Press on 5th April 2018
Genres: Children's, Humour, Issues
Pages: 187
Format: Paperback
Source: Piccadilly Press sent it
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Jack knows LOTS about starting a new school. Since Dad left, he and his mum have moved house five times.

He also knows all about fitting in. The trick is to act exactly like everyone else and make sure no one ever notices him. But it's hard work trying to be something he isn't and Jack doesn't have any good friends. That is, until Tyler comes along.

Tyler is funny and different and might be the key to getting Jack to realise that although he is brilliant at pretending to be other people, the very best thing he can be is . . . JUST JACK.

Reviewed by Alex

I was sent this book by the author’s publisher. I think it’s because Kate Scott liked the other review I did for Giant. Thank you, Kate!

As you might be able to tell, the main character is called Jack and he has moved house lots of times. He always changes how he behaves and what he likes so he can fit in at every new school he goes to. He does this using something he created called the Sherlock code.

This involves listening to people’s conversations to find out what most people like. He also doesn’t get to invite friends over because he would get too friendly with them and then he would miss them when he left.

My favourite character is Tyler because he must be really clever to be able to think of ways to solve people’s problems.

My favourite part is when Jack and Tyler go to to the nearby park and race on the Skater-Flyer shoes (one of Tyler’s inventions). In this moment I like the fact that Jack feels like nothing matters.

I would recommend this book to someone who likes book where the character has problems and they need to find a solution.


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