The Swivel-Eyed Ogre-Thing

The Swivel-Eyed Ogre-ThingThe Swivel-Eyed Ogre-Thing by Barry Hutchison
Illustrator: Chris Mould
Published by Nosy Crow on 4th June 2015
Genres: Children's, Fantasy, Humour
Pages: 224
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought from Amazon
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In an alternate 15th century, where dragons roam, sailing ships transform into submarines, and blacksmiths build steampunk robots, ten-year-old orphan Benjamin Blank battles monsters, rescues maidens and discovers fantastic new lands, but never quite manages to get his homework handed in on time. Each adventure sees Ben and his friends, Paradise Little and Wesley Chant, face a new monstrous menace.

Reviewed by Alex 

I normally read non-fiction books because I like finding out about how things work and how animals are born and grow, but since I read The Shark-Headed Bear-Thing a couple of weeks ago I haven’t read a single non-fiction book! I got my mum to buy me The Swivel-Eyed Ogre-Thing from Amazon instead! She’s the best mum, and she loves reading too, so I knew she’d say yes when I asked her!

The characters in The Swivel-Eyed Ogre-Thing are the same as the ones in The Shark-Headed Bear-Thing. There’s Benjamin, Paradise, Wesley, Uncle Tavish and the Mayor of Loosh. It’s the bad guys that are different this time and there are TWO of them! There’s the Swivel-Eyed Ogre-Thing and Antagonus. Antagonus is the Swivel-Eyed Ogre-Thing’s master and he tells him what to do.

My favourite character is still Benjamin. I liked him in The Shark-Headed Bear-Thing because he was brave and now I like him in The Swivel-Eyed Ogre-Thing because he does awesome things like throw explodi-toads at Antagnous! My favourite part in this book was when Antagonus got hit in the groin by a goat! This made me laugh really loud because I had a feeling that groin meant someone’s widgy area. When I asked my mum, she told me I was right! Oooooh, ouch!

I would recommend this book to other kids if they like to laugh when reading a book. I told one of my brothers to read The Shark-Headed Bear-Thing and this one. He liked them just as much as me and we laughed about our favourite parts.  This one made me laugh a lot and it has farting in it. I would give this book 6 stars, not 5, because I really liked it.


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