Blog Tour – Ollie’s Magic Bunny

Blog Tour - Ollie's Magic Bunny

Blog Tour – Ollie’s Magic BunnyOllie's Magic Bunny by Nicola Killen
Illustrator: Nicola Killen
Published by Simon & Schuster on 7th March 2019
Genres: Children's, Picture Book
Format: Paperback
Source: Simon & Schuster sent it
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A blossom-filled breeze blows magic into the spring air...and turns Ollie's toy bunny into a real rabbit!

But as the storm clouds gather, Bunny races into trouble and Ollie will need all her courage to get him home safely.

Reviewed by Toby, Alex and Mum

We loved this book! Mum read it to us at bedtime so that we could listen and look at the pictures.

The illustrations of Ollie and Bunny were so good. We heard Mum say, “Oh, these pictures are lovely!” while she was getting ready to read it to us. Mum can’t draw so she likes it when other people can!

We liked the bits that were cut out on some of the pages because we liked guessing what was behind those cut outs.

Ollie’s adventure with Bunny sounded really fun and we liked the fact that Ollie had to be a bit brave towards the end. Toby worries about things sometimes so he liked it when Ollie was brave, he said he’ll think about Ollie next time he’s worried.

We’re going to share this book with our cousin who is six because we think he will like it too.


Guest Post by Nicola Killen

As Ollie’s Magic Bunny is about the friendship between a girl and her bunny, I’ve chosen my top five books which celebrate friendship between animals and their humans!

Bruno and Titch by Sheena Dempsey

This is the story of a guinea pig Titch, who has been waiting a long, long time (in guinea pig years) to be taken home by his very own Big Person. When Bruno appears, Titch still can’t believe that his luck has changed, but he is soon whisked away to start his new life! But as time (and guinea pig months) go on, Titch starts to worry that Bruno is getting bored and wants to get rid of him. I won’t spoil the ending, but this is a heart warming tale of friendship told with great humour and beautiful illustrations!

Rhinos Don’t Eat Pancakes by Anna Kemp and Sara Ogilvie

I loved Dogs Don’t Do Ballet by this creative duo, but I think Rhino’s Don’t Eat Pancakes is my favourite! Daisy’s parents are just too busy to pay her any attention and never listen to what she says. So when a purple, pancake-eating rhino appears in the kitchen, she tries to alert them but gets nowhere! Daisy and the rhino become friends, playing hoopla, making pizza together and comforting each other in their loneliness. I think what’s so special about this book is the emotions shown in the illustrations and text, as Daisy and the Rhino realise the distance they both have between themselves and their families. There’s also a lot of humour: the picture where Daisy surprises Rhino in the loo always makes me laugh as he looks so appalled!

William the Dragon by Polly Donnison

This book was my absolute favourite when I was young so I had to include it in my top five! When Lady Wilmount discovers an enormous egg under a yew bush in the grounds of Wilmount Hall, she decides to hatch it in front of the fire. Little does she know that William, a roast-potato-loving dragon, is going to emerge! They decide to keep each other as their ‘very special pet’ and the five short stories within this picture book show how their friendship develops. In the last of the stories, William sneaks his new coat from Harrods, which he feels very silly wearing, into a box of jumble. I shared his disappointment when Lady Wilmount returned from the sale having bought back the coat! What I didn’t realise at the time was that Polly Donnison had written and illustrated this book when she was only fourteen! The illustrations have a naive quality, combining felt tip and coloured pencil, but it is the humour within the stories which really won me over all those years ago.

Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers

This is a simple, beautiful book which I’m sure most people will know and love. I became interested in children’s books while I was working as a greetings card designer, and Oliver Jeffers’ early books were part of the catalyst for my career change! Each spread is so well thought out – I’m so impressed with his eye for design and colour. But his stories are also great and this one is particularly lovely – the hug the boy and penguin share when they are finally reunited is so moving. I’m a fan of the Lost and Found animation by Studio AKA as well!

Anna and Otis by Maisie Paradise Shearing

This is such a vibrant, funny book but also has acceptance and overcoming fears at its heart. There are so many brilliant details to spot within Maisie’s illustrations as Otis the snake reluctantly accompanies his friend Anna into town. At first people are scared and a bit mean too, but once Otis has impressed them at the skate park with his new set of wheels, life gets better for everyone. It’s a lovely story and you can spend hours looking through the book (while still finding new things to see!)


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