#Lollies2020 – Kid Normal and The Rogue Heroes

#Lollies2020 - Kid Normal and The Rogue Heroes

#Lollies2020 – Kid Normal and The Rogue HeroesKid Normal and the Rogue Heroes by Chris Smith, Greg James
Illustrator: Erica Salcedo
Series: Kid Normal #2
on 22 March 2018
Genres: Children's, Humour
Pages: 416
Format: Paperback
Source: Bought from Waterstones
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The second, epically funny adventure starring Murph Cooper and the Super Zeroes from Greg James and Chris Smith

Not all heroes have superpowers.

Don't believe us? Well Murph Cooper is living proof. Since becoming Kid Normal, he and the Super Zeroes have been catching baddies all over the place. But being a hero is about to get a whole lot harder ...

Far away in a top-secret prison, the world's most feared supervillain has broken a thirty year silence. His first words?

'Bring Kid Normal to me!'

Reviewed by Alex

I have read all of the books in the Kid Normal series and they’re all very funny. I was really happy to review Kid Normal and the Rogue Heroes for the #Lollies2020 blog tour.

My favourite character in this book was Magpie because he had a cool ability that might be useful. My favourite part involved Magpie too – it was when he was introduced because it was mysterious!

My mum says she can always tell when I’m reading a funny book because I laugh out loud. I laughed out loud A LOT when I read this! If you like funny books, you should definitely read this book too! You should still read it even if you don’t normally read funny books because I think everyone should read it!

I’ve recommended it to my brother, Toby, and a few of my friends. Now I’m recommending it to you!

Q&A with Greg James and Chris Smith

1) What super power would you like to have?
Greg would like the ability to immediately make any dinner known to humankind, he is the dinner man and his theme tune goes ‘dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner dinner DINNER MAN!’ And Chris gets annoyed when clocks are wrong, so he would like the ability to make all clocks tell whatever time he wants. His codename is Tempus and they make a great team because he can always ensure it’s dinner time.

2) If you could be a character from your books, which one would you be and why?
I think we’d both secretly like to be Hilda, because summoning two tiny horses is the most awesome superpower of all.

3) Did you have a favourite book or author when you were a kid?
We both read loads growing up. Greg loved all Roald Dahl’s books especially Danny Champion of the World, and Chris loved The Hobbit and basically anything with elves in it. He still does, come to that.

4) What’s your favourite animal and why?
Well, Chris has a cat called Mabel and Greg has a dog called Barney, so we need to pick those really don’t we? Imagine if they read this and we’d picked some other animal, we’d never hear the last of it.

5) Which is better: the book or the film of the book?
THE BOOK! A million billion times the book. Always and forever.

6) You’re both very busy people so how do you find the time to think of stories and then write them down?
Well luckily, your brain can be busy thinking up stories while you’re doing other things, then they pop up when you least expect them to. Chris often has ideas in the middle of cycling to work and has to get off his bike and write them down.

7) What’s your favourite type of cake?
All types of cake are amazing but today Greg is plumping for carrot cake and Chris would like a nice slice of fruitcake, please.

8) Do you use real life people as your inspiration for the bad guys in Kid Normal?
Yes! Sadly we’ve met the odd evil person along the way, but we can’t possibly tell you who. Lots of the people in Kid Normal have bits and bobs of people we’ve met in them, or even family members. (None of our families are evil though, promise.)

9) If you were to become writing trio instead of a writing duo, who would you write with?
Somebody very quiet who would never interrupt because we really like writing with just the two of us. Maybe a giraffe, they’re quiet aren’t they? Kid Normal, by Greg James, Chris Smith and a giraffe. It’s got a ring to it, hasn’t it?

10) Do you ever fall out about the stories you write if one of you wants to write something and the other says no?

We know each other pretty well, so it’s really obvious to either of us if the other one doesn’t like an idea. They kind of stretch their face out and go ‘yeeeessssss, maybe‘ and then we know that idea was rubbish and we need to think again. So no, we trust each other too much to fall out over it!


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