Beyond The Odyssey

Beyond The OdysseyBeyond The Odyssey by Maz Evans
Series: Who Let The Gods Out? #3
Published by Chicken House on 5th April 2018
Genres: Children's, Fantasy, Humour, Issues
Pages: 384
Format: Paperback
Source: Chicken House sent it
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Elliot's life is spiralling out of control. He's been suspended from school, his ex-convict dad is useless around the house and his mum's health is worsening. What's more, the gods are determined to forge on with the quest for the third chaos stone. An unlikely, hilarious and heart-warming odyssey begins. But Elliot has heard of a mythical potion rumoured to cure all ills - can he save his mum, even if it means sacrificing the fate of the world?

Reviewed by Alex

I got to read this book first because Casper (my annoying big brother who annoys me all the time) was out doing a Scouts cooking competition. Thanks to the competition, me and Casper didn’t need to fight over who read the book first unlike when we got Simply the Quest.

This is the third book in the Who Let The Gods Out? series. In this story, Elliot goes on a giant adventure to try to get the water stone and Panacea’s potion so he can save his mum and the world.

My favourite character is Gorgy (who is an energetic, helpful and rude infant gorgon) because he helps Elliot on his quest to get the Chaos Stone and ends up saving Virgo’s life.

My favourite part is something that might ruin the story if I tell you. I’ll just say that it is near the end.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has read Who Let The Gods Out? and Simply the Quest. I would also recommend this to people who like adventure stories because it is a great adventure!

Yes! I can read it before Casper!

Reviewed by Casper

When Elliot Hooper meets a group of gods his life will never be the same again… is what I would say if I were reviewing the first book. Instead, I’m reviewing Beyond The Odyssey, the third book in the amazing series full of random jokes that are still funny when quickly reading parts of the book again for this review.

Elliot Hooper is a young boy who lives on a farm with his mum (who has dementia) and his dad, who’s just got out of prison. Oh yeah, and a group of ancient Greek immortal gods. He has the job of collecting the Chaos Stones, powerful stones that can control elements, before Thanatos, daemon of death, can get them and destroy the world. This time, with two stones in his possession, he goes after the water stone, along with trying to find the only thing to heal his mother – Panacea’s potion.

Beyond The Odyssey is an amazing book to read for anyone who can laugh or has any sense of humour (not Alex!) It was enjoyed by my mum – who is in her thirties – so that shows anyone can enjoy this! It did make me laugh but also deals with a serious issue (Mrs Hooper’s dementia) and those bits did make me sad at certain parts.

Caught in the act! Mum reading Beyond The Odyssey.

My favourite character was Gorgy – the rude, energetic baby gorgon kept as a pet by Virgo. He was mostly funny throughout the book but ended up saving Virgo’s life twice. My favourite part was when Elliot punched Mr Boil. It was something that had been needing to happen since book one!

Thank you to Jazz at Chicken House Books for sending us a review copy!



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