Blog Tour – PESTS

Blog Tour - PESTS

Blog Tour – PESTSPESTS by Emer Stamp
Illustrator: Emer Stamp
Series: P.E.S.T.S #1
Published by Hachette on 2nd April 2020
Genres: Children's, Humour
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback
Source: Hachette sent it
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When the lights go off, the PESTS come out! The laugh-out-loud new series from the author/illustrator of the bestselling DIARY OF PIG series. With amazing GLOW IN THE DARK cover, and a hidden message for young pests to find.

Meet Stix, the tiny but heroic mouse who might be living behind your washing machine. But is he naughty enough to join the PESTS?

Stix is the size of an egg cup, can jump the width of a dog's bottom, and LOVES cheese. That's because Stix is a mouse. He probably lives behind your washing machine, but you wouldn't know it, because his grandma taught him to always stay out of trouble and NEVER let the humans know he's there. But now Stix has stumbled across PESTS - the Peewit Educatorium for Seriously Terrible Scoundrels - in the basement of his building, and along with a whole host of new pesty friends (and enemies), he's about to rip up Grandma's rule book and make a REAL pest of himself...

Reviewed by Toby

Emer Stamp is one of my favourite authors. I love pigs and she does too. I’ve read Top Secret Diary of Pig loads of times. When my mum told me that Emer Stamp was writing a new book and asked me if I wanted to review it, I said yes straight away.

PESTS isn’t about farm animals like TSDoP though, it’s about animals and insects! I really enjoyed reading this book because of the humour and also the characters. Some of the characters were funny, in a good way! There was a mole named Dug and a bat called Batz. I liked how the names of the characters fit the kind of animal they were and I liked their personalities. There were some sad parts in the story but Stix and his friends managed to overcome the challenges.

I think Emer Stamp is very good at drawing. I like drawing but I need to keep practising if I want to be as good as her! I’ve taken some photos of my favourite pictures from the book…it’s Stix and Batz!


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