#Lollies 2018 – Uncle Shawn and Bill

#Lollies 2018 - Uncle Shawn and Bill

#Lollies 2018 – Uncle Shawn and BillUncle Shawn and Badger Bill and The Almost Entirely Unplanned Adventure by A. L. Kennedy
Illustrator: Gemma Correll
Published by Walker Books on 22nd February 2017
Genres: Children's, Humour
Pages: 192
Format: Paperback
Source: Publisher
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The first book in a hilarious, heart-warming series for children from Costa Award-winning author A. L. Kennedy, illustrated by Gemma Correll.

Badger Bill needs rescuing. He's been kidnapped by two nasty sisters who are about to make him fight a boxing match against three even nastier dogs. The four most depressed llamas in the history of llamas need rescuing too. They are about to be turned into llama pies. But never fear – Uncle Shawn is here! He loves rescuing things. He has a rescuing plan, which involves dancing, and a mole, and an electric fence. What could possibly go wrong?

Reviewed by Alex

This book was really funny because it was so silly and full of nonsense! It reminded me of one of my favourite book series, Mr Gum, and so I loved Uncle Shawn and Badger Bill. I hope there are more Uncle Shawn and Badger Bill stories

At the start, I was really worried about Badger Bill and the llamas because the McGloones were such bad people! But Uncle Shawn was such a kind, friendly person and I stopped worrying a bit.

There were lots of silly things happening in this book and I kept laughing out loud and saying, “What?!” because it was all so crazy! There are too many of them to mention so you’ll have to read the book yourself to see what I mean!

One of my favourite parts was this..

Then from the other side of the farm, their mother screamed, “Breakfast! You thieving little earwigs! Have you done your chores?”

“No, you big bag of beetles,” the little McGloones muttered.

Hahaha! I would be in so much trouble if I spoke to my mum like this!

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes Mr Gum or Pirate McSnottbeard. This book is just as funny and silly as those books and you will love it!


Q&A with A. L. Kennedy

Alex: My brother, Casper, loves llamas. What made you decide to include llamas in the story? 
I write these stories for my godchildren initially and they live up in the Highlands where there are llamas in fields. And badgers. Also llamas seem to look a little like creatures who might have interesting personalities.
Alex: How do you fight wasps with a knife?!
Only a terrible person with fast hands would know.
Alex: How does a mole understand a person?
I think most animals understand Uncle Shawn. He knows how to listen to them and find out what would make sense to them. With moles, he mainly communicates with dancing – they can feel that through the ground.
Alex: Did you like reading when you were younger? I love reading, it’s one if my favourite things to do. 
I loved reading. My mum taught me how when I was four. People were always telling me to go outside and play, or put my light out and go to sleep. I always wanted to read.
Alex: My favourite cake is carrot cake. What’s yours?
I think beetroot and chocolate. Or apple.
Alex: Where is your favourite place to read or write?
I travel a lot so I write everywhere. I have a study and a special chair at home, but I don’t get to be in it often.
Alex: My brother, Toby, is really funny. He tells really good jokes. What’s your favourite joke? 
I think my favourites are all at the back of the book. 🙂

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