Pirates in the Supermarket

Pirates in the SupermarketPirates in the Supermarket by Timothy Knapman
Illustrator: Sarah Warburton
Published by Scholastic on 4th May 2017
Genres: Children's, Humour, Picture Book
Pages: 32
Format: Paperback
Source: Scholastic sent it
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There's an anchor in the butter! There's a spyglass by the juice! There are parrots on the carrots! There are PIRATES on the loose! For one little boy, a trip to the supermarket is turned upside down. A swashbuckling pirate crew wreak havoc in the aisles, but the grown-ups can't see them. Can he convince the pirates to behave?

Reviewed by Alex and Toby

This picture book is about a boy that goes shopping to the supermarket with his mum and finds out that there are pirates hiding there. Only the boy can see them and his mum doesn’t believe him. She doesn’t even notice when Hooky passes her a tin of food! The boy has to try and stop the pirates causing trouble in the supermarket.

We enjoyed trying to find the pirates hiding on every page. There were lots of parts that we liked but our favourite part was when the parrots were hiding in the carrots. All of the pictures were so colourful and we stayed on each page a while so that we could talk about what was happening and what we thought was going to happen next.

We sat down and read this book with Mum, she read it out loud to us. We liked that the words rhymed. Oh, and the pirates all had funny names; we liked Big Bob the most because we used to have a cat called Fat Bob and it reminded us of him.

Toby’s picture of the parrots in the carrots.

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