The Unicorns of Blossom Wood: Storms and Rainbows

The Unicorns of Blossom Wood: Storms and RainbowsStorms and Rainbows by Catherine Coe
Illustrator: Renée Kurilla
Series: The Unicorns of Blossom Wood #3
Published by Scholastic on 5th January 2017
Genres: Children's, Fantasy
Pages: 112
Source: Scholastic sent it
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Cora, Isabelle and Lei arrive in Blossom Wood to bright sunshine. But moments later, a storm begins to rain down. Blossom Wood is being flooded and the animals need their help. The only problem is, Lei still doesn't know what her unicorn magic is! Can the Unicorns of Blossom Wood come to the rescue?

Reviewed by Alex and Casper 

This book is about the unicorns of Blossom Wood. They are three girls called Cora, Isabelle and Lei and they’re cousins. I would recommend this book to 7 or 8 year olds, because it’s short. I would also recommend it to anyone who likes reading fantasy stories. I liked reading it because it was about unicorns. My auntie likes unicorns and she’s 31, maybe she would like this book too!
My favourite character was Lei because she was impatient and I’m impatient too! My favourite part was when she found out what her unicorn magic was. I would give this book 5 stars! – Alex

This book is short and full of fantasy and magic so I would recommend it to children around the age of 8. I would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars as even though the story is OK, it is mainly a lesson about being patient and not giving up. I enjoyed reading this book as fantasy books are my favourite type to read. If this sort of thing interests you I would definitely give this book a try. There are now 4 books in this series, this one being the third. The main character was Lei who was trying to find out what her unicorn magic was. Her cousins had already found out about their magic and she was jealous. – Casper


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